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Shilpa Bellow

Ambit of products

Fabricated using a fantastic array of raw materials, we have made sure that every one of the products match the qualitative parameters which have been laid down by well-established international organizations.

  1. Round Bellows
  2. Stretched Canvas Bellows
  3. Open type rectangular stretched bellows
  4. Open type thermally sealed fabric bellows
  5. Steel telescopic Covers
  6. Roll-ways Covers
  7. Aluminum Aaron Covers
  8. Machine Non Metallic Bellows
  9. Protective Bellows
  10. Gators
  11. Fabric Expansion bellows
  12. Wipers- Guide-away wipers or Series AB1 type,AB3 type,SK Wipers, formed wipers, EN1,EN2,C2 Wipers for all types of machine tools
Shilpa Bellow

Research and Development Facility

One of the most essential facts for a business is growth. In order for this to happen, an organization requires to perpetually look for new, groundbreaking products which would allow the firm to attain the pinnacles of success. Our company has secured in a highly advanced research and development facility, which is equipped with the latest technology and is operated under the supervision of some of the best scientists. Using their imaginative minds, these experts look forward to invent a quality-driven set of products which revolutionizes the future.

Shilpa Bellow

Packaging Facility

Another crucial part of a business functioning is it's packaging process. If one wants to gain trust and loyalty from their clients, not only do they need to deliver quality-oriented goods but they also need to make sure that the item reaches the patron's doorstep in their original state. Having a capacious packaging division, our team of professionals utilize the best of resources to wrap these Non-metallic Bellows and Machine protective covers, thus ensuring that they withstand(and remain unaffected) any kind of bumps during transportation process.